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Business Terms & Conditions

A flat rate deposit of $500.00 US will secure a place on my waiting list.

Please note that the price paid for the instrument will be the price that is current at the time that work commences, not the price from the time that the order was placed.  

Several months before I start your lute, the instrument type and details will be agreed upon, and the final price for the instrument will be confirmed. When work commences, a second payment towards the instrument will be requested.   The final payment, which is required before shipping or pick-up, will include:   the balance owing on the instrument, the cost of the case, and packing, document preparation, shipping and insurance costs.

The cost of the case (from Kingham MTM Cases) is not included in the cost of the instrument.

The prices quoted are for instruments strung in nylgut or nylon with overwound bass strings.  Gut stringing is available at an extra cost.

Deposits are non-refundable.   However, the deposit may be applied to a future order (in which case the order will move to the end of my waiting list, and all of my current standard conditions at that time will apply).

An order that has not been fully paid for two months after completion will be offered for sale, and the deposit will be retained.

Canadian customers only must add 5% GST to the total cost of the instrument and case.   My GST number is 124231127.

US customers, please note that under the North America Free Trade Agreement lutes are duty-free between Canada and the USA.


Waiting Period / Price Increases
My current waiting period is approximately 5 years, although I generally will try to shorten this period for professional players.   However, no guarantee can be given to have an instrument completed by a given date.

Instrument prices are generally reviewed at the beginning of each year.  

#206 - 8696 Barnard St., Vancouver, B. C., Canada V6P 5G5
tel: 778-833-0230

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